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DuraVent DVL 8" Diameter 90 Degree Elbow Double Wall Black Pipe

DuraVent DVL 8" Diameter 90 Degree Elbow Double Wall Black Pipe

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The DuraVent DVL 8" diameter 90 degree elbow is used to offset the stove pipe for horizontal (through the wall) installations.

90 degree elbows should be installed a minimum of 12" above the stove collar to maintain a proper draft.

If you have a rear vent wood stove use a Tee instead of a 90 degree elbow when connecting to the back of the stove. 

DuraVent DVL will connect directly to the AllFuel HST Stove Pipe Adapter for a seamless transition to AllFuel HST Class-A chimney pipe and components.

Note: DuraVent DVL double wall black stove pipe is intended for interior use only.  This means that it is meant to connect your appliance to your Class-A chimney system.  It should not be installed through combustible materials like walls or ceilings or be exposed to outside weather conditions.

  • Inner Diameter is 8"
  • Outer Diameter is 9"
  • Listed to ULC S641
  • Vertical run has 6" clearance to walls/combustibles
  • Horizontal run has 8" clearance to ceilings
  • .016" stainless steel inner wall with .018" galvanized outer wall
  • Subtract 3/4" for installed length
  • Outer wall painted black